4 Benefits of Having a Tenant Portal

4 Benefits of Having a Tenant Portal

We're in the 2020s and you know what that means: it's time to get with the times and start taking advantage of technology. In this case, we're talking about online portals for tenants.

Many long-term landlords scoff at the idea of a tenant portal. Why invest time and energy into something new? We're here to talk about it. 

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of having a tenant portal. 

1. Easier Rent Payments

One of the top benefits of having a renter portal is that it makes it far easier to collect rent payments. It's better for both you and your tenants. 

When a tenant has to pay rent the old-fashioned way, they may forget. They may not have access to checks (as they're uncommon in the 2020s) and you may receive payments late.

Online portals remove this problem. Not only can you send notifications directly to tenants to remind them when it's time to pay, but you can also collect rent through the portal itself. Tenants can set up a simple credit card transaction or bank transfer.

2. Simple Tenant Communication

Do you struggle to communicate with your tenants? Do you wish you could send them notifications and surveys with ease? You need an online portal. 

Through these portals, it's easy to chat back and forth with your tenants when you need to speak to them. If tenants have questions or concerns, they never have to send an email or pick up their phones. 

3. More Efficient Maintenance Requests 

Speaking of good communication, having an online portal will make maintenance requests a breeze. 

Many tenants will forgo maintenance requests if they find it too difficult to get in contact with their landlord. As a landlord, you may also miss maintenance requests if you're only receiving them via phone or email.

When you use online portals, tenants are able to make requests at any time of day or night. You'll see the requests right away so that tenants can get quick repairs. This means you'll have happier tenants and a well-maintained property! 

4. Easy Lease Management 

When it's time for your tenants to renew their lease (or leave your rental property), tenant portals make it easy. 

You can send the lease agreement right through the portal so tenants have easy access to it. They can review and sign the lease or send you a message with any quick questions.

The online portal also gives your tenants full-time access to the lease. They'll never have to ask you for another copy and they'll be able to refer to it if there's any confusion or if they want to renegotiate. 

A Tenant Portal Will Make Your Life Easier

There's no reason not to have a tenant portal in the 2020s. When you have an online portal, you can collect rent payments, contact your tenants, manage your leases, and handle maintenance requests with the click of a few buttons. 

What's not to love?

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