Pets in a Rental Property: 4 Reasons to Go Pet Friendly in Dallas

Pets in a Rental Property: 4 Reasons to Go Pet Friendly in Dallas

Did you know that nearly 60% of people living in Dallas own at least one dog? That is a large demographic to exclude when you want to rent your property. 

If you are wondering if you should allow pets in a rental property there are more reasons than you think. 

Find out below 4 reasons why allowing pets is a good idea for a rental property. 

1. Many People Own Pets

Pet-friendly rentals open their doors to more available occupants. So, when you limit animals in general or certain kinds, breeds, or sizes of pets then you are potentially turning down a reliable tenant. 

This is especially true because 90.5 million Americans own a pet. So, you are also excluding people who want to relocate to Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, and want to bring their furry family member along. 

You also are discriminating against people who use service dogs. And if you allow service animals then other people may ask why can't they have one as well. 

2. More Non-pet Owners Want the Possibility

Finding a pet-friendly rental is difficult when you have a pet but it also limits the possibility of getting one in the future for those that do not. Some people find it off-putting that they can not eventually own a dog or cat in their home. So, when they do decide to get one then they have to move or break their lease. 

Give people freedom in their homes to own a pet and trust that they are responsible enough to care for the rental property. You can do this by establishing rules regarding pet ownership but do not ban it. 

3. Longer Lease Agreement

From cats in rental properties to a dog-friendly rental, you will find that tenants will want to make a longer lease with you because these things are hard to find. It is also more difficult to move with pets and find a place that accommodates certain types of pets. For example, someone with a large dog may look for a rental with a big yard. 

Once a pet owner finds the perfect house for their pet then they will not want to leave until it is necessary. 

4. Collect Higher Rent Fees

As a pet-friendly landlord, you can charge a higher rent and pet fees to cover any accommodation like a fence around your home, doggie bag clean-up stations, or a community dog park. These fees also help if any damages occur during the rental period. 

Overall though, you can make more money from a tenant who owns a pet because these higher rates and fees are common everywhere. 

Managing Pets in a Rental Property

Ultimately, managing pets in a rental property is the responsibility of the owner. It does not take much effort to lease your property to a tenant with a pet and your damages are covered in the pet fees. So, there is no reason not to accept reliable pet owners as tenants. 

If you need help screening for tenants with pets be sure to contact us today to get your Dallas property occupied. 

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