The Guide to Property Managers: How to Become One in Dallas

The Guide to Property Managers: How to Become One in Dallas

Want a job where you can earn 17% above the national average? Property managers in Texas earn around $62,000 per year. Becoming a property manager in Dallas can be an exciting and rewarding career. Let’s take a look at how you can become a Dallas property manager.

Property Manager Role

A property manager, also known as a real estate manager, has many different duties. They take care of the day-to-day operations of a real estate property. Maybe the owner is unable to or is not interested in the details, so they pay the manager a fee to take care of everything.

Property managers don’t buy or sell properties, they only manage rentals. They may advertise and show the property. They can also screen applicants and handle move in and move out. They should communicate with the owner and residents as needed.

A property manager usually also manages maintenance and any problems with the tenants. They may have additional duties depending on the property.

A property manager might manage the property for residential/multi-family buildings, commercial/industrial properties, or retail/flex spaces. They may specialize within one of these categories.

Property Manager Qualifications

There are some qualifications you must meet if you want to become a property manager in Texas. You must be at least 18 years old and either be a legal US citizen or a permanent resident.

You need to have a high school diploma or GED. A college degree is not required. However, a bachelor’s degree in a related field (business administration, real estate, accounting) can increase your chances of being hired and possibly increase your pay as well.

The state of Texas requires that you hold a real estate license if your duties meet certain requirements. You may not need one starting out. However, if you are showing or leasing property or accept or deposit rent, you may need a license.

You can start by completing pre-licensing coursework to prepare for the licensing exam. This will give you the knowledge to perform your job well and may also provide you with some landlord tips too.

How to Become a Dallas Property Manager

The best way to become a property manager in Dallas is to start by applying for a job with a real estate broker or property management company. You could look for a role such as a leasing agent that works under the supervision of another property manager. 

Starting with another company will let you learn how to do your job well in a hands-on manner. Eventually, you could start your own property management company further down the line.

You can become a certified property manager after you have some experience. You can obtain the Certified Apartment Leasing Professional (CALP) or Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) licenses, among others. This could help you further your career.

Next Steps for Future Property Managers

Property managers are able to have a rewarding career, steady work, and a good salary. It’s a career that with a little perseverance and work, you can become successful at.

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